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Pathways Resources

Pathways Companion Guide (PDF)

Pathways Progress Poster (XLS)

Pathways Learning Experience Presentation (PPT)
Details on the Pathways Program, with sample projects and screenshots

Pathways Navigator
Your guide to getting started in Toastmasters and Pathways

Pathways Quick Starter Guide
How to get started on Pathways

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies
A list of all projects in every path

Pathways Path and Projects Catalog
A summary of every project in Pathways, organized by path

Base Camp Manager Tutorial and Guide

Pathways Fast Start (PDF)
A visual guide to getting started

Pathways Level 1 Flow (PDF)

A Guide to Pathways Levels (PDF) Thanks to Mark Snow - District 69

Pathways Mentor Program (PDF)

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