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Would you like to run a "Successful Club" ?? Want some assistance ?? Here's how!!

We will be sharing valuable information about running a 'Successful Toastmasters Club', please join us to see some exciting hints and tips you can take back to your own clubs a perfect nutshell of experience tied up in one mammoth series of 11 professional workshops. Where else could you get 11 training sessions in one afternoon, a perfect opportunity.

The "Successful Club Series workshop" is a series of 11 workshops hosted by advanced Toastmasters: . This workshop is free to Toastmasters.

Your knowledge and experience will continue to develop with every additional training opportunity.
This event is one of many educational experiences within the 'Central Division Education and Training Calendar'.

Please log in regularly to '' and register for these events as they become available.

Workshops are coordinated by the Central Division Leadership Education and Training Team:
Sue Pederick- DD, Giordana Cross- AD C7, Paul Curtis- AD C8, Mal Rogers- AD C9, Michelle Smith- AD C10,
Elizabeth Owen- AD C11, Darrell Klar- AD C12.




TIME: 1:00PM - 4:30PM (Registration open at 12:30pm)

VENUE: Education Development Centre - 4 Milner St, Hindmarsh


Please register to attend by filling in the registration form below:



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