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The Successful Club Series is a set program created by Toastmasters International to assist all clubs in creating an environment that supports member growth and success. The information is presented in short modules providing "quick wins" for all members involved.

The workshop presented by Central Division delivers all modules utilising members from around the Division. In this way we all get to experience thoughts and experiences from experienced members of a variety of clubs.

Topics covered at the workshop will include...

  • Creating the Best Club Climate
  • Finding New Members
  • Keeping the Commitment
  • Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

Presenting these workshops also provides an opportunity to achieve recognition towards Advanced Leadership path of the traditional education program. If you are looking to achieve an Advanced Leadership award, please consider putting your name forward to present at this workshop. Please act quickly as the agenda is finalised as soon as possible.

You can access this resource for your club, here--> The Successful Club Series

Your knowledge and experience will continue to develop with every additional training opportunity.
This event is one of many educational experiences within the 'Central Division Education and Training Calendar'.

Please log in regularly to '' and register for these events as they become available.
The 2019-2020 Education & Training calendar of events are available online.

Workshops are coordinated by the Education and Training Coordinator (SA) Darrell Klar.

Please encourage your fellow club members to attend!




TIME: 1:00PM - 4:30PM (Registration from 12:30pm)

VENUE: Education Development Centre - 4 Milner St, Hindmarsh


Please register to attend by filling in the registration form below:


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